Service Features

Take advantage of push notification features to maximise your results

Audience Segmentation
Target your audience based on topic subscriptions
Customised Opt-In
Add your own message to opt-in prompt, plus choice of up to two subscription topics
Google Analytics Integration
Receive and analyse real-time notification events data in your Google Analytics account
Notification Action Buttons
Add up to two optional notification actions buttons to interect with your website or service
Notification Icons
Attache your own icon making notification more visually appealing and relevant to the user
Large Image Support
Boost notification click through by attaching a large image to maximise your results
Perfomance Statistics
Review notification detailed statistics, including open and click rates, geo-locations and many more
Notification Testing
Send a test notification and preview results before reaching out to your subscribers
Unlimited Websites
Add unlimited number of websites per account with simply navigation structure
Unlimited Notifications
Send as many push notifications as you like, there is no limits set to stop you

Unsleash the power of web push notifications

An effective way to reach out to your audience

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