Effectively re-engage your visitors with web push notifications

Get in touch with your customers after they have left your website, desktop and mobile browsers supported.

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Pushmix is effective and dependable service helping to reconnect with your audience through customised web push notifications.

Engaging your audience is crucial in digital marketing, and timing is often pivotal in getting the best results. Not only do you have to send the right message or communication to your audience, but you also need to send it at the right time to maximise your results. Web push notifications are fast becoming one of the best ways to connect with your audience and persuade people to buy or take action.

If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, a web push notifications service can give you the edge.

Web Push Notification Advantages

There are many advantages that steal the spotlight from traditional email marketing, which includes:

One Click Subscription

High Click-Through-Rate

Privacy Protection

Instant Communication

Push notifications provide an effective way to reconnect with prospective buyers who have expressed an interest in products and services you have to offer. Push notification message tailored to the needs of your audience create a chance to convert prospects into paying customers or encourage existing users to come back to you.

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Your web browser is supported. Unfortunately your web browser is not supported, but you still can use the service to send web push notifications.

How It Works

Following steps outline the process of getting you started with web push notifications

Easy Setup

Whenever your website powered by WordPress, Laravel or it's just one HTML page, we have got you covered. Integration is simple and straightforward.

Grow Audience

Encourage your website visitors to subscribe for your push notifications, group your audience into custom segments by offering subscription topics of their interest.


Engage your audience with time-sensitive, relevant and accurate push notification messages at the right time to maximise your results.

Service Features

Take advantage of push notification features to maximise your results

Audience Segmentation

Customised opt-in prompt

Notifications for Laravel

Notifications for WordPress

Google Analytics Integration

Flexible Notification Lifespan

Notification Action Buttons

Large Image Support

Browser Support

All major mobile and desktop web browsers are supported

Web Push supported desktop and mobile web browsers

Unleash the Power of Web Push Notifications

An effective way to reach out to your audience

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